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Crosscut  "Lose Yourself in Art" Jan 5, 2023


"Try it out at Linda Hodges Gallery, where local artist Fred Holcomb’s large-scale paintings sweep the viewer up into landscapes showcasing the lonesome drama of the Pacific Northwest. In Beachscapes (through Jan. 28), we see “haystack” rock formations, driftwood logs rolled up onto sand, dark evergreen forests marching down to expansive seas, clouds, mist, and water bodies that blur into sky. The paintings encourage you to pause, pull in your paddles and drift for a spell."  

Kinsey,Jessica et al., (2021) This Earth, Notes and Observations by Montello Foundation Artists. Cedar City: Southern Utah University Press

Image with text, page 85

Journal of Financial Service Professionals

Cover Photo

July, 2021

The Oregonian

"Smart ways to shop for art you’ll be proud to display in your home"

March 22, 2021

“We have all learned that you have to find ways to feed your soul,” says Miller, who is the founder and artistic director of Portland’s Pacific Youth Choir. “Having something beautiful in your home gives you beauty, which you can then share with the world.” Read more


Columbia Basin Herald

Cheryl Schweizwer - "New Exhibit Opens Friday at Museum"

May 1, 2019

"Holcomb’s paintings take their inspiration from the trip across Washington on Interstate 90 – literally. The entire exhibit is the view from I-90, but not just what’s visible along the roadside. Anybody who’s taken a car trip knows that sensation of blurred images – a passing truck, trees, road construction – glimpsed as the car speeds from one side of the state to the other." ​Read more



Michael Upchurch - "Fred Holcomb: New Work"

Dec 13, 2018

Michael Upchurch, art reviewer for The Seattle Times, Crosscut and other publications has written a review of my Dec. 2018 exhibit at Linda Hodges Gallery:

"Seattle painter Fred Holcomb’s high-velocity encounters with the landscapes of the contemporary American West might be described as photorealism with a twist. The backgrounds of his oils on canvas may be impeccably crisp depictions..." Read More

The Spokesman-Review:

Azaria Podplesky - "Artists Holcomb, Ebendorf take inspiration from the outdoors in ‘From the Landscape’"

Sep. 26, 2018

“From the Landscape,” the current exhibit at the Spokane Community College Fine Arts Building features two artists who take inspiration from the outdoors in two very different ways." Read More

The Stranger

Gallery listing

Nov. 3, 2016

They say: "For his 7th exhibition at the Linda Hodges Gallery, Fred Holcomb continues to mine the fertile ground of land- and seascape painting. Large in scale, some are very still and meditative with gargantuan skies and evergreens dotting the landscape, while others contain a sense of movement. Many show familiar Puget Sound sights. Each one is exquisitely rendered and offers fascinating perceptual challenges."


Seattle Times

"Visual-art picks, Four exhibits with a nature theme"

Nov. 11, 2016

"Painter Fred Holcomb’s large-scale land- and seascape paintings depict scenes of the wide-open West. Some are blurry — as if you’re seeing them through the window of a moving vehicle — others show the calm, cool water of a serene lakeside setting. Holcomb’s work is on display now through Nov. 26 at Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle (" ​Read More

Seattle Times

Michael Upchurch - "Fred Holcomb at Linda Hodges: Landscapes on the Move"

January 9, 2015

"Holcomb is entering beguiling new territory: landscapes of the mind, concocted from landscapes faithfully observed." Read more


Seattle Art Walk Preview Guide

January, 2015

"Linda Hodges Gallery represents some of the finest modern landscape painters in the region—artists who frequently renew the genre with sensitivity and humor. Fred Holcomb’s work is squarely in that realm." Read More

Seattle Met

Event Listing

January 2015

"It’s all a blur. Rapid motion underlines Fred Holcomb’s latest collection of paintings at Linda Hodges Gallery. His images of natural beauty evoke the view outside a speeding car on a remote two-lane road. The effect gives a vitality and sense of action to the lush still scenery." Read more

Seattle Art Dealers Association

Cover photo

July, 2013

Seattle Times

"The Week Ahead. Arts and entertainment Highlights"

January 20, 2013

"The Seattle artist’s new exhibit of landscape paintings is called “A Beautiful Day in Paradise,” but what that title doesn’t tell you is that this is a “paradise” explored with a heavy foot on the gas pedal. Holcomb’s oils on canvas capture familiar Puget Sound sights at high speeds. Sights in the background may be in focus, but the foreground is a roadside automotive blur." Link to the Seattle Times arts listing

Seattle Times

"The Week Ahead. Top arts and entertainment picks"

November 27, 2011

"The Tacoma native's landscapes detail the "new normal" of development and nature existing as a single state. What's distinctive about Holcomb's places is that the viewer seems to be hurtling past them, rather than observing from a stationary position" Link to the Seattle Times arts listing 

The Art Out There

David Carmack Lewis - Review of December 2011 Linda Hodges Exhibit

December 6, 2011

"Depicting the American landscape as seen from the road is not a new idea. But it is a solid one, handled here with tremendous effectiveness by Fred Holcomb" Read more

Coast Explorer

Veronica Russell - "Expansive Reach"

Spring, 2010

"...large-scale abstract landscapes and seascapes attempting to evoke the wide open spaces of the American West and the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean." Read more

Seattle Post Intelligencer

 Regina Hackett - "Painted On," curated by Carrie Scott

June 2, 2006 Text of the Regina Hackett review


Review of "Panorama," April 2005 Exhibit at Soloman Fine Art

April 1, 2006

"His basic relationship to the land remains, yet there are new ways of seeing."

Oregon Home

Citation and photo, page 37

July - August, 2002


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